Why EarthLore?

Welcome to EarthLore Academy, where education is not just about classrooms; it’s a hands-on adventure integrating Montessori, The Farm school/ Erd Kinder program with the CBSE curriculum. Here’s why our approach stands out:

Hands-on learning

In the Montessorian learning philosophy, every concept is assimilated from specifically designed experiments or activities, that build a process of discovery for the child. This immersive experience creates a seamless and extensive curriculum, connecting academic subjects with practical, real-world applications, and creating a deep understanding of core concepts across subjects.

Holistic Development

Earthlore’s curriculum is tailored to meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the child at different ages. With learning methods driven by the child’s own curiosity, we create a pressure-free environment where children are free to truly express themselves and grow into well-rounded individuals. The activities at our farm school are designed to embed values such as empathy, leadership and other significant life skills in the child.

Community Engagement

Our students engage in activities that build a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and respect for others. This unique environment cultivates a strong sense of community that extends beyond the school years. Our elder children also engage with the local communities in the region as part of their work cycles, thus integrating them responsibly into society to foster their social skills.

Empowering Independence

Inspired by Montessori principles, our school encourages independence and self-directed learning. Students explore their interests, take initiative, and develop a passion for learning that goes beyond textbooks.

Nature as the Classroom

Our facility is nestled in the midst of farmlands, with its heart open to the elements. We want our children to grow up in a completely uninhibited environment. The Earthlore farm school unboxes children from walls and boundaries. We want our children to run on the grass with the sun on their smiles.

1:1 Teaching

The Earthlore program which is Montessori in approach, is designed to make the learning experience available to each child in a way that truly lets them express their own personalities. The teacher introduces concepts to each child separately to value each one, and harness their fullest potential.

Choosing EarthLore means choosing an educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our Montessori , Farm school/Erd Kinder program creates a foundation for well-rounded individuals equipped with practical skills, emotional intelligence, and a genuine love for learning. Join us on a journey where education is an immersive, lifelong adventure!