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Montessori, Erd Kinder/Farm School Program

EarthLore ‘s name originated from the idea that Earth is the source for everything and the very reason for our existence. The stories that earth has to tell us are unfathomable. Lore from Folklore happens to be the right fit with Earth, hence EarthLore.

Earthlore is an initiative powered by Golden Arch, a well-established Montessori chain of schools( 25+ years). Earthlore is one of the country’s first and finest farm schools. Inspired by the impact of Montessori education on children’s lives across 25 years of observation, the national award-winning founder, Anupama Eswar envisioned Earthlore.

It is a boundless platform curated to bring up truly fulfilled children, who will grow up to unleash the utmost value from their lives.

To understand Earthlore, Let’s think again about why schools exist and what they should ideally do for children. Fundamentally, what do we all really want for our children?


By building a strong foundation of core concepts through experimentation and self-discovery, our children are likely to have a higher intellectual stamina and a capability to solve real world problems compared to children schooled through the memorisation method of the traditional curriculum. The ratio of the world’s most successful people who are Montessori trained is shocking. Few examples include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc.


With their bare feet in the grass and wind in their hair, our children grow up in an environment designed to bolster their physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing. Our curriculum drives growth from a self-driven curiosity of the child, leaving no use or place for stress in their significant childhood experiences.

Grades / Performance

Grades / performance to secure screening in the future Montessori children are always ahead of the race. Check out the experiences of our alumni from the very first batch of students and the testimonials of our parents.

Wonderful Personality

Children interact with their communities, understand the needs of different people, develop an empathy and sense of responsibility for those around them. Further, they are given tasks that shape their decision-making abilities and instil a deep confidence and independence in them. Generally, these attributes cultivate great leaders who exert a wonderful positive impact on those around them. Our Earthlore pioneers are also exposed to an inclusive environment which will further foster their empathy and heighten their responsibility.

For more on what’s best for your child and how we can enable it, feel free to reach out to us here. We like to start our mornings with these heart-warming conversations!