The Leadership Team

The Management Team

Mrs.Anupama Eswar

Founder, Principal

Our Director Mrs. Anupama Eswar is a passionate Educationist who believes in imparting True education with Value Creation. A National Awardee having won the prestigious Mother Theresa Sadbhavana award from Global Achievers Foundation in 2013. A Post graduate in natural sciences and is a University Gold medalist. She has a flair for child psychology and has laid out a firm foundation for the school based on her concrete principles. She is part of an International NGO, Bharat Soka Gakkai, which works towards peace, culture and education.

V. Eswar


With over 30 years of expertise in marketing and sales, Eswar Vemala serves as the Chairman of Earthlore Academy in Bangalore. A master's awardee, he holds the esteemed position of country representative head. Additionally, Eswar is a dedicated member of SGI, an NGO committed to fostering world peace through collaborative efforts and initiatives.

Ms. Ashwija


Ashwija Eswar Vemala is a seasoned marketing and sales executive, who has penetrated international markets and mastered revenue generation. Ashwija founded a creative agency, honing her management skills while crafting unique brand solutions. She embodies a blend of managerial acumen, creative flair and a passion for value creation, poised to make significant contributions to any professional setting.

Our Driving Force

True Education broadens and deepens the mind as well as forges a healthy body, It is also a step towards a cultivated intellect and passion and the full development of personality.

Dr. Daisatu Ikeda

The young child has an amazing capacity to absorb certain skills, without undue effort and with an exactness that is unparalleled at any other times in life.

Dr. Maria Montessori