The Advisory Board

Mr. Srinivasan Ranganathan

A fervent advocate for India’s development, Mr. Srinivasan Ranganathan’s work is aligned with the vision of a “Developed India.” As a visiting professor at the prestigious Indian School of Business, he imparts invaluable knowledge to future leaders. Renowned as a high-end corporate trainer and a Vedanta teacher, he embodies a holistic approach to education. Additionally, Mr. Ranganathan leads the impactful NGO ‘Inside-Out Foundation,’ dedicated to nurturing minds and shaping futures.

Mrs. Jenny Marie Hoglund

With over 40 years of experience, Mrs. Jenny Marie Hoglund is a beacon of excellence in education. As an AMI Elementary and Adolescent trainer, she brings the Montessori philosophy to life, enriching the learning experiences of countless students. Mrs. Hoglund’s commitment to education extends beyond the classroom, as she co-founded Montessoriskolen in Sweden, leaving an enduring legacy of educational innovation and empowerment.

Ms. Deepa Pramod Kamat

Ms. Deepa Pramod Kamat stands at the forefront of educational leadership, driving impactful change through her multifaceted roles. As the Director of Elementary Courses at IMTC and Director of IMC – DEP in Vietnam, she spearheads initiatives aimed at shaping the next generation of educators. Ms. Kamat’s vision is further realized through her founding of Romasha Vidyaniketan and Atreya Vidyaniketan, institutions dedicated to fostering holistic and transformative learning experiences for students.