The Faculty

Mrs. Saranya D


MA, Diploma in Montessori Education

Saranya is a cheerful, capable and a warm individual, whose presence can put our Staff, Children and Parents to ease and comfort. She has completed her Montessori training in London and has worked as a Parent relation officer. She has marked her 6 years experience at Golden Arch as a facilitator.

Mrs. Girija M

Coordinator- Pre-primary Program

Diploma in Montessori Education

Armed with sound Montessori training and more than a decade of experience with the Golden Arch family, she never fails to surprise us with her commitment and dedication. ” Girija Aunty” is a buzz word amongst our children. Her alluring personality resonates with our core spirit

Ms. Francisca

Coordinator- Elementary Program

B.Com, Diploma in Montessori Education

She is an Elementary trained Adult. Part of our team for over 4 years now. She is a sincere whole hearted individual who can deliver the best to children. A dedicated educator, With her unwavering commitment to student success and innovative teaching methods. What truly sets her apart is her ability to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed.

Ms. Niveditha R

Coordinator- Adolescent Program

B.E., Diploma in Adolescent Montessori Education

She has been associated with us during the last academic session. AMI Diploma graduated from the Montessori program. Her interactions with students, as she goes above and beyond to tailor her lessons to their individual needs and interests. She can foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning within the team. Her creativity and willingness to think outside the box and to embrace new approaches to education is remarkable.