Anupama Eswar,

Our visionary founder and a dedicated educationist embarked on a transformative journey inspired by the Montessori method.

After years of traditional teaching, Anupama discovered the profound potential of the Montessori approach in fostering genuine education and value creation. In 2004, she established the first branch of Golden Arch, driven by the vision of providing a nurturing Montessori environment for holistic child development.

Since its inception, Golden Arch has continuously evolved and expanded, earning a distinguished reputation as a trusted institution committed to excellence. Over the years, we have introduced innovative programs, including pre-primary classrooms in 2007, toddler programs in 2010, and elementary programs in 2012. Guided by our mission of value creation, Golden Arch has cultivated a unique culture and practices that have empowered countless children to thrive and succeed.

In recognition of Anupama’s dedication to authentic education, she was honored with the prestigious National Mother Teresa Sadhbhavana Award.

To extend the legacy of Golden Arch, we proudly introduced our second branch in 2015. Our journey took a significant leap forward with the launch of Earthlore in 2024—a full-fledged school offering education up to the tenth grade. Earthlore embodies over two decades of expertise, experience, and resources, combining the Montessori farm schooling method with the CBSE curriculum for the first time in the country.

At Earthlore, we are driven by a shared passion to nurture young minds and foster genuine growth – one stride at a time.